Digital Rights in Bulgaria

Today I take a part of a discussion about civil rights and consumer protection in Telecom package of European Parliament.

You can see the chat log here. Please read it carefully.


hello Mr. Harbour On net neutrality you are a kind of European Obama. Why is net neutrality so important for you and the internet users of the EU?

Malcolm Harbour:

I am quite unclear as to what President Obama´s policies are. We are awaiting the appointment of his Chairman of the FCC. As far as I am concerned, net neutrality is not a major issue for the European communications space because we have an open access model. My report retains the principles of a quality of service obligation, as proposed by the European Commission but only with strict safeguards about its application.


As far as the amendments are concerned, we now have a proposal from the Member States on which we are negotiating. We think that the spirit of amendments 138 and 166 can be included in the final package, though not in exactly the same form.

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  1. I guess he doesn’t like to be depicted as an Obama for their joint fight towards true net neutrality. No one would ask Obama if he was the new Harbour. It is great to see the support of both for net neutrality. It is essential to the internet.

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